How it works

It’s quite simple, really! Learning French from a different angle is about the pleasure of meeting, at home or in a cafe or online and enjoying a genuinely friendly “feel good” chat, as if you were meeting a friend. No judgement, no pressure, just fun and laughs and good conversation about you, me, any subject you are interested in!

I focus on casual, everyday language with idiomatic expressions but we can tackle any grammar issue you may have. We only speak French yet I can now and then translate a word or an expression. The idea though is not to try and remember everything, just practice speaking without the pressure of learning everything by memory or remembering every single word you learn. I then email you the words and expressions or grammar rules we have come across, if you want to re-read them regularly. That’s it! I strongly believe that this way of learning is the most efficient and that you will retain motivation and enthusiasm, while finding it easy to improve without even realising it! I also recommend setting aside 15 minutes of your time every day to read something in French or to listen to the radio or even watch a French movie. I can give you a set of grammar rules or specific vocabulary to learn should you wish. Et voila! You will be ready in no time to master the beautiful French language.

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