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Je m'appelle Carine and I love conversing with people of all ages and walks of life, especially those who have an interest in speaking my native language.
I am French, born and bred, and I majored in languages: French (including French literature), English, German and Swahili. I was lucky enough to live in lively Paris and study at the beautiful Sorbonne University (Paris IV - La Sorbonne) in the early 90s.
Having lived in more than 10 different countries, I understand how it feels to be new to a language, trying to learn enough to be able to communicate and discover new people, new cultures and fascinating stories. On a personal level, this has given me self-confidence, open-mindedness and it has freed my imagination as well as offering me fantastic opportunities.
Let me be part of your journey, whether you are a complete beginner, a student who wishes to go the extra mile, an adventurer or an entrepreneur planning on living in a French-speaking country.

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(Enhanced Certificate including Child and Adult Workforce)
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